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Track, Manage and Streamline your supply chain

Why Amil Freight?

Our end to end freight management solution will take care of all your transportation needs, while minimizing your spend! Our technology will give you the edge and peace of mind to focus on advancing your business.

Logistics Simplified

 Easy Bookings
 Electronic Logging Devices
 Accounting and Invoicing
 Great Pricing
 In-Cabin Rugged Table
 Document Management
 Real Time GPS Tracking
 Fleet Management
 Flexible Payments,& more..

Click, click, book, it’s that easy! Managing freight made simple!


Shippers can book cargos effortlessly and carriers can find loads quickly. Payment flexibility to Shippers, and quick payments to Carriers!

Hassle Free

Let Amil Freight take care of your redundant paperwork! Best rates, reliable carriers, and end to end freight management. We have you covered!


Amil Freight for SHIPPERS

Amil Freight brings a new innovative way for shippers to track, manage, and streamline their supply chain.

Fast Bookings

Amil Freight makes it easy to book shipments. We remember your lanes and understand your business. No more time consuming phone calls or typing long emails. 1-2-3 and your shipment is booked! It’s that simple.

Technology meets Trucking

We are a next generation technology company that runs algorithms and statistics to analyze market trends. We will bring you the best service levels at the most competitive prices.

Need ETAs? We’ve got you covered

Our integrated GPS tracking will provide accurate ETAs. What’s even better is you can track your trucks live! You can now give your customers accurate delivery ETAs, and be the leader in customer satisfaction.

Haggle Free Pricing

Just enter your pickup and destination cities, and we will give you lane quotes at the click of a button. We guarantee competitive pricing, and what’s quoted is what you pay, no questions asked. Amil Freight will provide you with complete transparency, flexibility and industry data to help plan your business.

Trusted Carriers

Once you’ve booked a shipment with Amil Freight, you are assured that your shipment will be safely delivered. We vet all carriers in our network, with performance constantly reviewed. We have stringent guidelines, and make sure only the best in the industry are carrying your shipments. Book with piece of mind!

Electronic Document Management

Amil Freight’s technology will manage all your paperwork electronically. Our EDMS—Electronic Document Management System will send your paperwork as soon as deliveries are made! No more waiting and no lost paperwork.